Diversity Advocates, what do they do?

Do you want to learn more about diversity? Did you know we have advocates on our campus to help?  They are Diversity Advocates, and are students just like you!

 The Diversity Advocate Program is designed to enhance the lives of students at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. But what are exactly the Diversity Advocates?  The Diversity Advocates Program is a group of UW-Whitewater students recruited and trained by the office of Residence Life in leadership skills, group dynamics, needs assessments and program facilitation.

 Kari Jo Freudigmann, senior graphic design major, attended to one of the DA programs called Safe Zone. Being trained by other DAs, she found her interest to teach in the program as well and educate people about diversity. Now Kari Jo is part of the Diversity Advocate Program. She is the Community Development Intern for Residence Life and previously she was a DA for two years. Currently, Kari Jo oversees the nine Diversity Advocates by mentoring and advising them.

 The program is designed to raise awareness and to promote understanding and appreciation of the diversity of our community. DAs create a proper environment for discussion and dialogue among students and peers. As DAs, students are trained to provide correct information to allow students to think about issues related to difference and diversity. Kari Jo says from her own experience that facilitating these programs is just the tip of the iceberg for a DA, “these programs are not a lecture by any mean; the DA does not go and say this is what I think you should think. It is very much a dialogue where the DA helps the communication to happen.” Once the dialogue on topics such as disability or ethnicity starts, it is important to bring it outside of the program to residence halls and campus in general among students and peers. As Kari Jo asserts, talking about diversity goes beyond ethnicity or sexual orientation. There is so much more: religious belief, body size, traditional or non-traditional students, age, etc. All of these are factors that make us different or relate us to each other.

 The DA creates a “safer space” for students to talk about topics that might not want to talk to higher education professionals or speakers but to want discuss these topics with students like them. She says that it is always a surprise facilitating one of the programs. For example, there are activities that put into physical space the differences that exist among students that makes it more visible how diverse your peers are.

 The Diversity Program continues its work. Recently, DA programs are being requested for New Students Seminars where freshman students are getting a touch of the dialogue that DA programs pursuits to achieve. Residence Halls keep programs available through the semester as well. The program has received positive comments and feedback from students after attending to one of the presentations offered:

  • Diversity 010,
  • Relax. We’re All the Same INSIDE!,
  • Disability,
  • That’s so GAY, and that’s OK!,
  • He Said, She Said, WE SAID!,
  • Safe Zone I and II.

 Through Diversity Advocate Programs and other programs available on campus, it is evident that a high [positive] impact on diversity, acceptance and respect for differences is on the way. Kari Jo states how opportunities are everywhere on our campus for anyone who wants a better understanding of their peers. UW-Whitewater is doing a great job providing resources for its students. Kari Jo, herself, is involved in several student organizations on campus such as Native American Cultural Awareness Association (NACAA), Peace, Education and Activism through Creative Engagement (PEACE), Disability Advocacy and Awareness Coalition, IMPACT, among others. Upon graduation, Kari Jo has big plans to continue her education in higher administration or student affairs that will keep her on track with her projects on leadership and education.

For more information, please visit http://reslife.uww.edu/diversity


Southeast Asian Heritage at UW-Whitewater

African American Heritage Lecture Series

Race Consciousness in Latin America

Multicultural Student Orientation 2012-2013


The University of Wisconsin Whitewater through the office of Multicultural Affairs & Student Success services is offering the Multicultural Student Orientation for this coming school year 2012-2013.
The opportunity to learn about academic support, undergraduate research, student organization, internships and more services that university offers to its students.

Thursday, September 6, 2012. 4:00 pm
Old Main Ballroom, University Center

For more information please contact Erica Daniels at (262) 472-4985, Office of Multicultural Affairs & Student Success.


Summer Business Institute 2012

The Summer Business Institute, the program to help students of color in a successful transition from high school to college at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, is ready to receive a new group this summer. The students will participate in the  SBI enrichment experience which promotes excellence and provides its participants opportunities to gain a competitive edge as they pursue a business degree and go on to hold leadership positions in the business community.

Ms. Freda Briscoe, Director of the UW-Whitewater Minority Business & Teacher Preparation Programs and Coordinator of the Summer Business Institute , shared her enthusiasm of receiving 29 students this summer. She mentioned it is the biggest group that the program has ever had.

“Last year we had 17 students and this year there will be 29 students in the program – the largest group yet”. This number represents the success and interest of more high school students that want to be exposed to the college experience and  start exploring careers in business.

The program includes different activities and lectures during the week that students will be living on our campus. The College of Business and Economics will talk about the business majors and minors available in UW-Whitewater. The participants will be part of a trip to a business enterprise and learn about internship opportunities. They also will receive help to prepare a professional resume and attend to communication classes.

We wish the best to the Summer Business Institute this year. Its job is a valuable experience for future college students that expect to get the best in their first year to start with the right skills and guidance in their new college life.

We’re hiring!

Diversity Website and Events Promotion

Position Summary:  
The Student Intern – Diversity Promotions will work under the direction of the Assistant to the Chancellor for Affirmative Action to update the content for the Diversity website, and promote campus diversity events through the use of the Diversity Calendar and select social media.


  1. Work with campus event planners and student organizations to obtain copy (event information) and artwork (logos, pictures) for each of the selected events to be highlighted on the website, calendar and social media.
  2. Work with the campus webmaster to place information for selected events into the Spotlight section of the Diversity website.
  3. Develop content for postings to websites and social media (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress).
  4. Monitor and engage students, faculty and staff on select social media.
  5. Solicit information for all campus diversity events to ensure that all diversity events are displayed on the University’s Diversity Calendar.  When needed, submit event information to the Diversity Calendar manager.
  6. Under the direction of the Assistant Chancellor, serve as liaison to the campus webmaster to provide updated copy or new copy to the Webmaster in order to keep the Diversity website current.
  7. Complete other related projects as assigned by the Assistant to the Chancellor.

Job Qualifications:
The successful candidate will:

  • Have experience in writing, eg media, PR, marketing communications
  • Possess a basic understanding of Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Hootsuite and social media in general.
  • Demonstrate self-initiative and be able to work independently under limited direction.
  • Establish positive working relationships with faculty, staff, and students who plan diversity events.


  • Design and/or video editing skills are a plus, but not required.
  • Knowledge and background in web publishing are a plus, but not required.

Time Commitment:
Immediately prior to the start of each semester, and during the early part of each semester the position will require the Student Intern works 15-20 hours per week.  During the remainder of each semester the Student Intern will work approximately 10-15 hours per week.

This is a PAID internship.  It is an hourly student help position, at a rate of $8.50 per hour.  Hours per week will range from 10 to 20 hours, depending upon student schedule and availability.

How to apply:
Please send resume to Ron Buchholz by March 23 – buchholr@uww.edu. In the subject line, be sure to include “Diversity Promotions Intern.”