Summer Business Institute 2012

The Summer Business Institute, the program to help students of color in a successful transition from high school to college at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, is ready to receive a new group this summer. The students will participate in the  SBI enrichment experience which promotes excellence and provides its participants opportunities to gain a competitive edge as they pursue a business degree and go on to hold leadership positions in the business community.

Ms. Freda Briscoe, Director of the UW-Whitewater Minority Business & Teacher Preparation Programs and Coordinator of the Summer Business Institute , shared her enthusiasm of receiving 29 students this summer. She mentioned it is the biggest group that the program has ever had.

“Last year we had 17 students and this year there will be 29 students in the program – the largest group yet”. This number represents the success and interest of more high school students that want to be exposed to the college experience and  start exploring careers in business.

The program includes different activities and lectures during the week that students will be living on our campus. The College of Business and Economics will talk about the business majors and minors available in UW-Whitewater. The participants will be part of a trip to a business enterprise and learn about internship opportunities. They also will receive help to prepare a professional resume and attend to communication classes.

We wish the best to the Summer Business Institute this year. Its job is a valuable experience for future college students that expect to get the best in their first year to start with the right skills and guidance in their new college life.