Turn it into something positive.

As guests walked into the Hamilton Room for the Diversity Lunch yesterday, their faces said it all.

Some had arrived early, and were watching Jamie Brace practice on stage. Others stood in the back of the room, watching from afar. It didn’t matter where guests stood in that room, they were literally moved by her music. Some were swaying and didn’t even know it.

Brace had been invited by UW-W Dining Services to come and talk about her Native American heritage, her experiences with domestic violence and share some of her original music. UW-W Dining Services’ Marketing Director, Ann Wick, was glad that Brace could share her passion with guests,

“People are more than one dimensional, and ultimately that’s what we want people to come away with when they attend an event like this.”  

Not only were guests moved by her music, they were speechless after Brace spoke about her experiences with domestic violence.

 “Yeah, I’ve gone through some dark times, but everyone has. Turn it into something positive.”

Brace talked about certain things in her life that she had to let happen, music being one of them,

“All of us have a passion deep down inside of us. Go for it! It’s the most amazing thing you will ever experience.”

UW-W Dining Services invited Brace to come and share her heritage to honor and celebrate Native American Heritage Awareness Month.

Brace is a Native American from the Lac Courte Oreilles band of the Ojibwe Tribe was born in Milwaukee and currently resides in Grafton, WI. She is the proud recipient of the Shepherd Express 2007 Best Female Vocalist Award and was honored to have been nominated for the 2010 WAMI Best Female Vocalist. She is the lead vocalist in the band, October Soul.