It’s a good year to be a Warhawk.

Dr. Richard McGregory, assistant vice chancellor of Multicultural Affairs and Student Success, closed with a powerful speech for all of the students in attendance. Watch it below:

The Office of Multicultural Affairs and Student Success held a Multicultural Student Orientation on Thursday, Sept. 8, at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

New and currents students attending the orientation received various pieces of advice from campus leaders.Among the attendees were the deans from UW-Whitewater. Students cheered as they all offered inspirational and valuable tips for the new semester.

“In addition to reaching out to people, look around this room…take advantage of these resources,” said Dean Mark McPhail, College of Arts and Communication.

“My hope is that the minute things get tough, you don’t run off…think of us as a resource,” said Dean Chris Clements, College of Business and Economics.

Dean Katy Heyning, College of Education, sent a special message to the new students in attendance, “Please take advantage of everything that goes on within this campus.”

Likewise, Dean Mary Pinkerton, College of Letters and Sciences, addressed new and current students, “Get involved in undergraduate research. A program like the McNair Scholars is going to challenge you in ways that are going to make you successful.”

Dean John Stone, Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, offered simple advice, “Put both feet in and keep them there.”

Whitewater Student Government President, Patrick Johnson, perhaps received the loudest cheers with his statement, “We want to be there and represent you in the best way possible. It’s a good year to be a Warhawk!”

Other speakers offered advice such as, “stay focused,” and “make a connection early on.”

If you missed out on this event, view the photos here:

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