Paving the way

Do you know McNair? The McNair Scholars Program prepares first-generation and multicultural students for doctoral study and for careers as college professors.

Chancellor Telfer believes that this program has done more for this campus than he ever though it would! Watch the short chip below:

“This program pushes you to succeed and exposes you to many opportunities,” said McNair Scholar Arie Montgomery.

The Phase I McNair Scholars have been working on their research proposals this summer at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

From business education to counseling, the 2011-2012 McNair Scholars have a bright future ahead. A sophomore in the McNair Scholars Program, DeJuan Mason, has a great ambition:

“I want to be the first African-American art professor… I want to pave the way for others.” 

During interviews with seven of the Scholars, it was evident that their faculty mentors and other staff members had motivated and inspired them.

“We get to take a bit from each person we meet with,” said Scholar Maryam Polley.

Scholar Bridgette Jordan mentioned that Provost Beverly Kopper was remarkably moving:

“Her career plan wasn’t set… it takes time. It was a great opportunity to hear her story.”

These students will attend a research seminar, develop a research proposal, receive writing instructions and visit graduate schools.

The McNair Scholars Program offers students many benefits, such as a faculty mentor in their major, resources for undergraduate research projects, opportunities to present research findings at regional and national conferences and stipends for on-campus and external summer research internships.

This program is sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Student Success, and funded by the United States Department of Education.