Are you purple? We are ALL purple…

WHITEWATER, Wis.–More campus diversity resources are now readily available to University of Wisconsin-Whitewater students and faculty.

A UW-W diversity Twitter handle and WordPress blog page were created this semester to serve as additional resources for information about diversity events on campus. A Facebook page will be available for students, faculty and the community next semester.

The campus Diversity Calendar will also be updated weekly in hope and anticipation of syllabi and diversity event integration.

“Our long-term goal is to have professors utilizing the Diversity Calendar to integrate campus diversity events into their syllabi,” said Elizabeth Ogunsola, assistant to the Chancellor for affirmative action and diversity.

“There is a lack of understanding in regards to privilege, power and the need to handle each with care when working with people,” said Chris Hollar, a leadership advisor in Career and Leadership Development.

She believes there are a number of diversity opportunities available on campus, but the challenge comes from the inaction of students who believe they are ‘diverse enough’.

In addition to the calendar, the Diversity webpage will be revamped for next semester.

“We want the Diversity webpage to come alive. It will serve as a central location of diversity information for campus diversity programs, committees, student organizations, resources and events,” said Ron Buchholz, director of Career and Leadership Development.

 Currently, the campus Diversity Calendar exists to post events that promote awareness and understanding of underrepresented and marginalized cultures in the United States. This calendar is posted on the campus diversity webpage that was launched last semester in response to the hate crimes that took place on campus and in the community.


2 thoughts on “Are you purple? We are ALL purple…

  1. Diversity is about more than calendars and a web page. So go on kidding yourself about this we are purple stuff, but just take a look around you while you are walking on campus. How many African American profs are there? Whitewater administration has a history of discrimination of people of color. In short, diversity is false at Whitewater. Most of the blacks know this!

  2. Kendall,

    Of course diversity is more than a calendar and website. These outlets only serve as a point of reference for all students, faculty and community members. Diversity is something that everyone needs to embrace on our campus…it is not false, but very real.


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